New image in portfolio.

Download wallpaper version, 1920×1200.

The Knight is almost entirely modeled in Max, and rendered with Mental Ray. With some post work done in Photoshop, like the cape effect and background.

The chain mail I did using a tile-able displacement map. More info on that in this tutorial.

Front, side and back view.

  1. Luke DornyLuke Dorny10-14-2010

    This is really beautiful. Nicely done, Tom.

  2. bjarkebjarke10-29-2010

    my cool new desktop background.. thx

  3. DeanDean03-21-2012

    Is it possible to buy a high resolution copy of this image to use as artwork for a private event? For the printed invitation for example. The event is via invite only and is a medievil banquet/jousting event.

    • Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen03-21-2012

      I sent you an email.

  4. PetePete04-18-2012

    Nice work, the metal surface is very convincing, thanks for sharing the technique with the chainmail tutorial.

  5. AustinAustin09-07-2012

    Amazing job, saved me a lot of trouble and frustration. I also would pay an untold amount of money to get a real suit of armor like this. Looks beautiful.

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