Skeletor textured

I spent a little time bringing the Skeletor sculpture I did in ZBrush into 3ds Max to texture and render it. Tried to stick to the original colors and didn’t want to stray too far from the “He’s a toy” feel.

I used the Multi Map Exporter plugin for ZBrush to export a cavity and displacement map as a base for the textures. And then Rendered with Mental Ray.

Find pictures of 3D Prints here.

  1. RaymondRaymond08-22-2011

    Awesome !!! You should do all of the Master Of The Universe characters. Great Job!!!

  2. PatrickPatrick06-07-2012

    awesome work, really.
    be sure to give informations of a mass production, if the day comes!
    i would order it right away!

    great jjob, keep up the good work!

  3. DariaDaria07-13-2012

    Amazing work,man!!

  4. Dan DelgadoDan Delgado03-16-2014

    Insanely awesome,.. I can’t stress how cool this is,..
    have you ever thought about importing your models into a game like Skyrim,.. it would rock,..

  5. d longd long09-03-2014

    This would be a great model for the EF-12 open source 3d fighting game.

  6. AndyAndy12-06-2014

    Would buy a Figure like this right away!!
    The new one from Pop Culture Shock looks lame!

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