This model is a tribute to RIFTS role-playing game, and specifically the artwork from the book Rifts – World Book 05 – Triax & The NGR, that inspired me to do this. A Gargoyle holding the head of a Triax X-535 Hunter “Jager” power armor. Original concept by Kevin Long.

Download a higher resolution render here.

The work is done in 3ds Max and Zbrush, rendered with Mental Ray. There is a few work in progress pictures of this model on my Facebook page.

  1. Jens SchriverJens Schriver12-20-2010

    Uh-la-la, some Rifts fans are going to go mental!

    Excellent, Tom! You should sell posters of this, my nephews would become the coolest kids in school if they this bad boy hanging on the wall 🙂

  2. Jens VejrumJens Vejrum12-20-2010

    One rifts fan is going mental right now! Awesome. Not only have you done the whole way-cool-graphics part to an A+, put you actually improved the composition of the original pic too. Way to go,Tom 🙂 Any chance of seeing “Borgs on patrol in old Chicago” anytime soon? Or something with massive spacecraft, nebulas, and cool alien planets? 😀

  3. MattWattsMattWatts05-12-2011

    I got this a while ago and i’d just like to say

    Amazing !!

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