Zombie Girl

Couldn’t help it, had to create a zombie,… I wanted to make the roller skate type girl turned zombie, because I thought it would be fun and tragic at the same time.

I don’t usually create environments, but I thought it would be more fun in this case to help tell the story.

The character was modeled and posed in ZBrush, the environment was modeled in 3ds Max, hair was done using default Hair & Fur. Everything rendered with Mental Ray, only a little color correction done with Photoshop.

Wrote a Making Of tutorial here.

You can download the image in 1980×1485 here.

A look at the 3ds Max scene file:

  1. MatthiasMatthias04-13-2011

    Nice.. Some ketchup would add that extra… ketchup 🙂

    But great work, Tom

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