Rifts Fan Art: Panthera-Tereon

A Panthera-Tereon, a sabertoothed lion from another world, as described in the RIFTS roleplaying book, “RIFTS – New West, World book 14”. I fell in love with the original drawing in the book done by Ramon Perez JR. And felt like creating a 3D version.

All modeled in ZBrush and rendered in 3ds Max, Fur was created using the Hair and Fur shader in Max. Rendered with Mental Ray.

Download high resolution version here.

If you’re into RIFTS, you can see another piece I did here.

3ds Max viewport screenshot:

  1. riftsguildriftsguild05-17-2011

    Excellent work. Looking forward to your next piece. These make good posters, screen savers and covers. i think Palladium should think of asking you to do some cover work for them.

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