Screenshots Hitman Absolution #E3 2011

Some of the Hitman Absolution screenshots released at E3 2011. I’m showing them here because the majority of the characters on the screenshots were done by me, Including in-game Agent 47, both from my time as Lead Character Artist at IO Interactive, but also lately working on the game as Freelance Character Artist.

The work is done using 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop and rendered real-time with the powerful Glacier 2 game engine developed by IO Interactive.

Besides working on and creating a majority of the characters for the game I also, for the most part, developed the character production pipeline for the game. With help from the talented coders at IO.

Hitman Absolution received a lot of nominations and awards at E3 2011.. here are some of them:

· GameInformer – Best of E3 Nominee

· IGN – Best Overall Game Nominee

· IGN – Best Xbox 360 Game Nominee

· IGN – Best PS3 Game Nominee

· IGN – Best PC Game Nominee

· IGN – Best Action Game Nominee

· G4/X-Play – Best of E3 Nominee

· GamesRadar – Most Valuable Selection

· Xbox 360 Magazine – Most Valuable Selection

· 1up – Best Action Game Nominee

· Ripten- Best of E3 Nominee

· GameSpy – Best of E3 Nominee

· POP – Best of E3 Nominee (WINNER)

· – Best of E3 Nominee

· – Best of Show Nominee

· 4Player Podcast – Best of E3 Nominee

· – Best Action/Adventure game Nominee

· – Best Stealth Game (WINNER)

· The Game Effect – Best of Show (WINNER)

· The Game Effect – Most Atmospheric Game (WINNER)

· The Game Effect – Best Overall Game (WINNER)

· Gamespot – Game of the Show (WINNER)

· Gamespot – Best PC Game (WINNER)

· Gamespot – Best PS3 Game (WINNER)

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