A nighttime setting, just outside a military controlled quarantine area.

This image won First Place in Computer Graphics category at the Computer Space 2012 international festival.

Characters modeled in Zbrush and rendered with Mental Ray in 3ds Max.
Download in HQ 1920x1080px.

Geometry rendered without textures:

  1. Nils EriksenNils Eriksen01-25-2012

    Hi Tom,

    I am really impressed by your work!
    My first experience with 3DS Max was mid 90’s – Indeed creativity has evolved since!

  2. ShaneShane01-25-2012

    looks awesome i would love for my concepts to come out this good.

  3. Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen01-26-2012

    Thanks for the comments 🙂 appreciated.

  4. Jens VejrumJens Vejrum01-26-2012

    Yet another display of pure awesomeness. Great work, Tom. 🙂

  5. matthiasmatthias02-23-2012

    Looks freaking awesome

  6. JEMJEM03-02-2012

    great work, i am just starting to learn 3d modelling in max and this kind of stuff is inspiring as well as overwhelming 🙂
    anyway just how many hours do you take to model something like this from the ground up?

    • Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen03-02-2012

      Thanks… I know how you feel, there is a lot of great 3D out there that can make me feel overwhelmed too, but that just makes me want to become even better.

      I spent around 5 days modeling everything, and another 3-4 days texturing and rendering.

  7. Saman EstalkhiSaman Estalkhi04-13-2013

    Great. Thank You Tom.

  8. ColbertNation2ColbertNation206-23-2013

    Could you please post a link of the character models

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