3D Characters for Games Course.

From July I will offer an Advanced course in 3D Characters for Games in collaboration with Seven Game here in BrasĂ­lia,(Taguatinga)Brazil.

Update: Course is no longer running.

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  1. ThiagoThiago08-11-2012

    when it comes to Rio de Janeiro?

    I’m waiting… ^^

  2. Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen08-13-2012

    We’re planning a intensive course in Rio in December 2012. đŸ™‚

    • DanielDaniel08-15-2012

      I want to join \o/

  3. André AlvesAndré Alves09-02-2012

    Oh man, I’m a Seven student in Rio and I couldn’t make it to the workshop! (there was a raffle and stuff…)

    Too bad… but I guess I’ll be around in case someone doesn’t show up. Hope they let me in!

    • Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen09-03-2012

      Good luck, hope to see you there!

  4. ashash01-06-2013

    any chance off you popping by to London? haha i would love to try your course!