Hitman Absolution Characters Part 2

Here is the second and final part of my Hitman Absolution character renders.

Read Part 1 for more background on how the work was done. This is still just a tiny part of the characters I did for the game. What you see are the actual low poly game assets I created for the game. Each character is about 12.000 faces (triangles) and uses 120 bones.

A hint of the underlying geometry (wireframe).

The image are rendered in 3ds Max using Mental Ray and V-ray. In other word, the images are not real time renders but instead rendered to show of the character in the best possible way. Some characters may have changed slightly in style/appearance in the final game.

All the artwork displayed here is done by me, however some faces are based on 3D scans, and modified to match a certain look we wanted for the individual characters.

Hitman Absolution have a huge character gallery with large variety.. for the most part the idea and design of the characters were done by the concept art team and the art director.

Besides all the different outfits Agent 47 can use as disguise in the game, the assassin himself would go through a series of smaller changes throughout the game with various versions of his suit and occasional bruising on his body and face.

Hazmat type character created for a game cutscene.

Cosmo Faulkner, one of the first characters I created for the game back in 2006 early 2007.

Agency Heavy Troopers. Download a wallpaper version of the image below. 1366×768, 1920×1080, 1920×1200 and 2550×1440.

It was great fun to work on the Hitman games, I’ve spend more than 9 years working with the bald assassin, Hitman Contracts, Hitman Blood Money and finally Hitman Absolution.

I’ve since then moved on to different things, but Agent 47 and the Hitman games I will always remember as something special.

Again, thanks to IO Interactive for letting me show some of the work I did on the game.

Thanks for reading, and remember to check out Part 1.

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  1. NadiaNadia12-15-2012

    Respect !

  2. mrhmrh12-25-2012

    can’t we download these characters any where for 3ds max???????

    • Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen12-28-2012

      Sorry.. this is all Copyrighted work, and won’t be available for download.

  3. PadreDSPadreDS12-30-2012

    Such a Great Work! Amazing! Thanks!

  4. BiGGYBiGGY01-04-2013

    please make part 3

  5. eddibazookaeddibazooka01-06-2013

    Your work is really awesome…..I believe that you could release some tutorials……..Thanks

    • Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen01-06-2013

      Thanks man, I’ve written a bunch of tutorials on various aspects of my work that you can check out here which more or less covers how the Hitman characters were done.

  6. MojtabaMojtaba02-04-2013

    i’m a BIG fan of hitman since the first version..
    it was amazing to know you and see how you did this
    hope to see more from you in future ( maybe next hitman 😉 )

  7. Nik KrisNik Kris02-05-2013

    Absolutely inspiring! I’ve always wanted to learn how to create 3D characters like these. You have now inspired me to pursue it further.

  8. logumlogum05-14-2013

    This is truly amazing. Too bad the bruised 47 wasn’t in the game

  9. QuinkvisteyrQuinkvisteyr10-27-2013

    For the sake of all humanity! How did you do the ‘Saints’. I love themm soo muchhh. ;_;

    • Tom IsaksenTom Isaksen11-01-2013

      Ha, thanks… Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to show them here. But if I ever do any latex clad nuns again, I’ll make sure to show how it’s done 🙂

  10. 3D Beast3D Beast06-13-2014