Spring Breakers 3D Fan Art

3D Total Award
View this 4K render for best viewing pleasure.

After watching the movie Spring Breakers I was really inspired by the mood and cinematography, so much so that I decided to make this piece. In other words, if you didn’t watch the movie this might not entirely make sense.

The images are rendered using Octane Render. Pure renders, with no Photoshop except for a tiny bit of film grain and chromatic aberration. Final Render in 8000×4500 took 20 minutes with 2xGTX Titan GPU.

Everything is modeled in 3ds Max and ZBrush. Scroll down for wallpaper renders.

On March 5th 2014 the image was awarded the Excellence Award on 3DTotal.

Close Up:

Outdoor lighting 1:

Outdoor lighting 2:

Model Render:

Download wallpaper versions: (right click, Save As)

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  1. FlemmingFlemming02-24-2014

    Nice, color and feel of the hoods are beautiful
    Spring Breakers also left me very impressed