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Two 360-degree panoramic Star Wars renders for VR.


I created 2 Star Wars themed 360-degree panoramic stereoscopic scenes that I thought I would share for free, works with Oculus 360 Photo App or the OTOY ORBX Media Player. Simply download and add to your 360 image or ORBX folder to view. Instructions from Oculus. Darth Vader on deck of the second Death Star preparing for the arrival of …

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Modeling Reel 2015


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3D Characters for Games Course.

Flyer Thumb 01

From July I will offer an Advanced course in 3D Characters for Games in collaboration with Seven Game here in Brasília,(Taguatinga)Brazil. Update: Course is no longer running. Please Like me on Facebook and Twitter if you would like to keep track of my work.  

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Free Unity Character

Unity Thumb

I was just playing around with Unity 3D and though I’d share my work with anyone interested. Basically I have made this character available for download. You can use it however you like completely free. If there is an interest I’ll create different skins for the character too. Download directly from Unity Asset Store. More information below. Update: Texture Pack …

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Building a new PC.

100 4554

It was time to get a new workhorse for the office, and being a bit of a computer enthusiast I made a project out of it… Here is how it went. I decided to make a liquid cooled PC, mostly because I’ve never tried that before, and because I like my computers fast and silent. Living in Brazil it would …

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